Isabella Jane Schiller... a born, bred, and based Manhattanite, which apparently makes her something of a unicorn…although if she was an animal she would more likely be a raccoon (resourceful and a scrappy kind of adorable with claws). 

Isabella lived for the stage in her adolescence, but decided to shift her focus in college to a different form of performance—political campaigning. After directing local field campaigns while studying, Isabella graduated from The University of Michigan with a degree in Political Science and Women’s Studies and realized it was time to head back to New York and her original true love, acting. 

She’ll happily play your grounded girl-next-door, mom-of-the-group with a dark side in your next project. She finds the beauty and joy in characters falling apart. 

Isabella still harbors a love for political theory and activism, but now she fills that need by watching The West Wing and filling her non-acting hours with her feminist day jobs at Parity Productions and Jezebel Productions.